How the latest COVID-19 regulation will affect your Yacht Charter Booking

Here are some FAQs on how this change in regulation will affect your booking.

Updated on 17th May 2021. With the latest restrictions announced on 14th May 2021, charters can only proceed with 2 guests (excluding skipper and crew). Charter options listed below are available for 2 guests only, except for family members or people living in the same household*. The heightened measures also highlight that masks must be put on at all times. Food and beverage are also disallowed except for bottled mineral water.

*Family members or people living in the same household, identifiable by the registered address in their identification card/work pass/FIN, can go onboard in subgroups of 2. Subgroups are not allowed to intermingle with each other and will have to maintain at least 1m distance from each other. The number of subgroups allowed onboard varies from yacht to yacht. Please check with your charter agent for the number of subgroups allowed for the yacht you’ve booked.

  • I have already booked a charter during this period i.e. 8 – 30 May. How would the new COVID-19 restrictions affect my charter?

Depending on the yacht you have chosen, here are the options available:

  1. Reduce your guests count to 5 guests

We understand that this is a painful and very difficult decision to take but if it is possible to reduce the guest count, we highly recommend that you proceed with 5 guests!  Go enjoy it when you can, safely of course!

In fact, some yacht operators have kindly offer a small refund if you reduce to 5 guests so please check with your charter agent if this is possible.

  1. Postponement

The duration of postponement depends on the individual yachts. It can vary from 1 month to 6 months. You need not secure a new date immediately and you can always check in with your charter agent any time within your postponement period for availability.

Given that different yachts have different terms and conditions, we strongly suggest to check in with your charter agent or sales representative to better understand the postponement policy for your charter boat.

Please note that these contingency policy only applies to charters affected in May. For charters booked for June onwards, it remains status quo till further notice.

  • Can I cancel and refund?

We understand that you may have booked for 8 persons or to celebrate an occasion and it may be pointless if you have to postpone or reduce the guest count.  

Considering that the restriction is necessary in view of rising COVID-19 cases and beyond the control of all parties, most yacht operators are unable to offer a cancellation and refund. Charter rates may increase when the restrictions are lifted so proceeding with 5 guests or postponing your charter will allow you to utilize the charter at the current promotional rates.

  • Does the crew add to the 5 persons headcount on a charter?

Maritime Port and Authority (MPA) has clarified that the guests restriction does not include the headcount of skipper and crew as they are considered as vessel operators. Any personnel not involved in operating (or assisting with operating) the vessel will not be considered as crew.

Hence, if you are intending to hire a private chef or bartender, they will be considered as a head count and you will only be allowed to bring 3 guests onboard.

Regardless the size of the boat, maximum only 5 pax allowed.

  • “We are a family of 8, can 1 group of 4 stays on the top deck and 1 group of 4 stays at the bottom deck? We will not intermingle.”

Unfortunately, unless the groups are clear and distinct groups who do not know one another, this cannot be done. Hence, a family of 8 is not allowed during the period of 8- 30 May. The number of guests onboard remains at 5 regardless of the size of the boat.

Read about the consequences when the rules were flouted by charterers in December 2020.

  • What events are exempted from the 5 pax restrictions?

Wedding receptions, solemnization and corporate events* can take more than 5 pax subject to the yacht’s capacity. Charter boats will need to apply to MPA for the increment of capacity.

*Events that are primarily for social interactions are not allowed.

For more information, please refer to MOM’s and STB’s website for more details.

  • Safety measurements

Most yachts are berthed at ONE°15 Marina while some are berthed at Marina at Keppel Bay. Safe Entry and temperature checks will need to be done when you enter the Marina. You will also need to do Safe Entry when you embark on the yacht. Swab test is not required.

Masks will still need to be worn at all times except when dining and swimming in the water. Live performances such as live band or dancers, karaoke or loud music are not allowed. Guests are encouraged to maintain 1m distance from each other.

Yachts have also been cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before and after to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.

  • Can I book for 8 pax for June onwards?

Yes, definitely! This is of course, subjected to the prevailing government’s regulation then.  If the situation does not improve, you may refer to the options available in Point 1.


Businesses are highly impacted since the COVID-19 and we highly appreciate your support during this period. During this uncertain times, We hope that everyone can still enjoy some leisure activities out at sea, but in a responsible and safe manner. In the meantime, please keep safe and take care!


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