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Sea Staycation on a Luxury Yacht
Experience a unique 2D1N staycation away from the city and relax onboard a private yacht with your loved ones! Spend an amazing day out on the high seas, swimming in the cool sea, playing with water toys such as kayaks or floats or simply lounge under the warm sun. Refresh with an afternoon siesta on the sun deck and let the sea waves rock you to ....
03 July - Phase 2
Complimentary Jetski with Eagle Wings 2
Hop onboard now for a relaxing 4-hour charter around the Southern Islands with Eagle Wings 2 and enjoy a thrilling jetski ride with 01 x towable toy(2-hour) during your charter at no extra charge (U.P. $700++)! A definite crowd favorite that amps up the excitement, choose either to pillion back on the jetski for a quick spin around the islands or....
19th June - Phase 2
Re-Opening Promotions
Time to stretch out and recharge your Vitamin SEA. Take a cruise out to the sunny Southern Islands of Singapore onboard a luxury yacht and enjoy the tranquility and serenity away from the city crowds. Feel the warm sunlight and salty seabreeze or take a refreshing dip into the ocean waters, rejuvenate once again in the embrace of nature. Promotiona....
Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience the ultimate freedom and relaxation on a private yacht. Enjoy a 2-hour cruise around the Southern islands and view the majestic sunset at Singapore’s scenic Marina Bay city skyline. PROMOTION PERIOD: Ongoing, valid from Mondays – Thursdays only. PRICE: From $700++ ....
Joyride around the Southern Islands with Rio De Gibbraello
Enjoy a relaxed joyride around the Singapore’s southern islands onboard Rio De Gibbraello. Go on a fast getaway and let the sea breeze lift your stress away. Perfect for small groups and intimate gathering, explore life outside the Lion City in style! PROMOTION PERIOD: Ongoing PRICE: Weekdays: $700++ Weekends: $750++   2 hours cha....