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Cruising Good Times with Ocean Diva and Amethyst
Get refreshed with a cold drink in your hand while you cruise out onboard a private yacht, lounging under the sun and enjoying the sea breeze and magnificent ocean views. Enjoy complimentary beverage, inclusive of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, when you charter Ocean Diva and Amethyst during January to March 2023. Book/Enquire Other terms....
Sea Staycation on a Luxury Yacht
Experience a unique 2D1N staycation away from the city and relax onboard a private yacht with your loved ones! Spend an amazing day out on the high seas, swimming in the cool sea, playing with water toys such as kayaks or floats or simply lounge under the warm sun. Refresh with an afternoon siesta on the sun deck and let the sea waves rock you to a....